Armed with placards, whistles and megaphones, protestors initially began with a peaceful demonstration but scenes eventually turned to chaos as bicycles, projectiles and road signs were being thrown and flares let off. 

For senior living centers, residents can use Alexa devices to communicate with family and other residents, as well as to stay up to date with their community’s news. A resident’s Alexa device could also be used to streamline administrative tasks like check-ins and maintenance requests. This will “provide a better experience for residents, while creating empowered and more connected communities,” Amazon said in a release.

A group of around 200 anti-lockdown protesters gathered outside the government building in The Hague where Rutte was speaking.

Several people were detained for setting off fireworks and throwing objects at the police.

The couple spoke about their child for the first time publicly in an impassioned People op-ed about the 545 children who have yet to be reunited with their parents after being separated at the US-Mexico border.

Amazon is bringing Alexa to hospitals and potensidesa senior living communities in an effort to make residents’ and patients’ lives easier, the company said Monday. The program uses the virtual assistant’s Smart Properties features, which are designed to let business owners deploy Alexa-enabled devices at a scale beyond the home.

In hospitals, health care providers can communicate with patients by using Alexa’s Drop In feature, which lets you start a conversation between devices or with your Alexa contacts. This will lessen the need to enter a patient’s room, and conserve medical supplies and protective equipment, Amazon said. Hospitals can also give patients information about their facility through their Alexa devices, like the cafeteria menus, schedule changes and more. 

What you need, your neighbours need as well,’ John Horgan, the BC premier, said Wednesday. ‘We are confident we can restore our supply chains in a quick and orderly manner provided we all act as we have been acting over the past two years’ may earn commission on sales from these product links





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The Canadian Pacific coast province of British Columbia declared a state of emergency Wednesday following floods and mudslides caused by extremely heavy rainfall, and officials said they expected to find more dead. 

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A ‘once in 500 years’ Pacific Northeast storm in British Columbia which caused record rainfall and flooding has left a trail of destruction behind including collapsed bridges, submerged roads, and thousands of dead cattle – as officials grapple with emergency evacuations and food shortages. 

This healthcare management system feature is focused on offering a smooth experience of patients, staff and clinic authorities.Sometimes their expectations may differ, but still are covered by components of the hospital administration system. Quality and security still remain the prime criteria of the health care industry.

It is likewise recognized for the consistent and rapid modifications to enhance the efficiency of clinical services and satisfaction of the patient

More than 40 per cent of bar and restaurant owners said they do not plan on asking customers to show their ‘corona pass’, as they fear the move is a ‘political tool’ that will ultimately damage the hospitality sector’s long-term recovery.  

Please stay out of evacuated areas. AbbyPD officers just rescued 4 youths who were kayaking in evacuated areas with rising swift water. This greatly hampers emergency response times for people needing it most,’ the Abbotsford Police tweeted on Tuesday. 

Business expertise, cutting-edge technologies, linked devices, mobile apps and expertise of healthcare are key factors for the implementation of health care management system. The wide variety of healthcare vendors has been extended and the patients have a wide choice of medical specialist

The health care management has the ability to monitor different financial operations such as expenses, profits, and losses,in and outpatient billing, paying bills and taxes.This helps to analyze business prospects and move in the right pat

‘But that’s the very situation those 545 children and their parents have been living through. As Americans, it’s our responsibility to continue paying attention to the plight of these families and get answers for why they still have not been located.’


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