Escort business: what is it?

The concept of “escort” always evokes ambiguous emotions in people. Some vehemently speak out against continuing conversations on such topics, others, on the contrary, do not see anything scary and frightening in such services, and still others do not react at all, since they have never encountered this topic in their lives before. But how are things really going? Let’s figure it out!

The very word “escort” in English means escort or retinue. And this is not prostitution, as most people who do not understand this issue think. The escort sphere is the escort of rich men by beautiful and well-groomed women to various banquets and business negotiations. Thus, escort models are girls who give their beau status in society.

Why are escort services popular with men?

The essence of the work of an jessy dubai porn escort reviee girl (a girl working in the escort business) is to accompany her client at public events for a good financial reward. Quite often busy wealthy men have to attend events of an entertainment or business nature, for example, banquets or negotiations, so escort services are quite popular. It is etiquette to attend such meetings in the company of a charming beauty, but not all businessmen are married or have permanent relationships. That is why rich men quite often turn to escort models for help, as it is very convenient. Besides, choosing a girl who works as an escort as a companion, you can be 100% sure that her appearance will be perfect, and when talking to strangers she will always be able to keep up a conversation.


The earnings of escort girls are quite high. Such girls spend the bulk of the money they earn on their appearance. And accordingly, they always look gorgeous and are in great demand among customers. Accordingly, the more orders the escort girl has, the more her income. In this connection, each escort model strives to get the perfect figure and develop communication skills with different people. It costs a lot of work, but fully justifies all investments, because the client is always ready to pay good money for the fact that the queen will be present next to him.

Choosing an escort companion for themselves, men usually adhere to their own concepts of beauty, and therefore in escort services you can find a girl for every taste. The main criterion for choosing a companion for a client is the visual component, that is, how they will look together in public. At the same time, the girl can be in the role of a mistress, wife, girlfriend, sister or distant relative. That is, the escort girl plays the role set by the client, and the client pays well for this format of communication. As a result, everyone stays with their interests. Escort girl earns money, and the customer gets influence and status in society.


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